Reflect – Ausführliche Beschreibung

IF 2019 Artwork in Hungcheon, Southkorea

Description of each Pair from my German part of view on the country habits or History of South Korea.




Reflect- believes

General this questions religion and believes, and how it plays into society’s every day life. Photo refers to christian church.There are a lot, even in the small city of Hungcheon (in Germany a small city has for example only one church for protestant and one catholic). The Picture refers to the colonialist who missioned many Korean. Also many different kind of christianchurches emerged. The colored Drawing refers to the superstition that Korean have. This is the example of thenumber four „4“. They try to avoid the number since its the same word for „death“ in Korean language. So buildings or flats with this number are cheaper then others or sell bad. So very often you can’t find the number, instead they put „F“, or they skip the it completely. This picture shows the numbers in a typical elevator.


Reflect- privileges

General question is about who has more privileges from the genders. Women don’t have to serve two years in the military. But when they get children they actually also „loose“ years of their career. Soldiers often claim, they are being held back two years while women can continue their career. But if you reflect, its always that as a man in this society gets more privileges then women.The Photo refers to Korea’s Government to support a higher childbirth and in a result gives privileges to pregnant woman as a „reward“. Like the extra chair in the Subway, a key- chain and even money. Is this really a privilege? Is it unfair? (In China they advertise abortion to keep the birthrate down). It is also questionable that everybody in the subway knows that you are pregnant with the extra little key chain you get when you take on these privileges. The colored Drawing of the Soldier refers to the two years of mandatory Military service every man hast to perform. That the women don’t have to do this is seen as a privilege what makes many men very angry. It sometimes even causes hate and revenge. Some men might turn it around and see them more superior then women, in having experienced and learned certain things in the Military that the women haven’t.


Reflect – fading

General it is about age and Homes. Modern living is seen in a skyscraper in the city whereyoung people go and old people stay in small cities in their old houses. Both are fading – one in age (Death) the other fade in the crowd. The Photo refers to the extreme quantity ofskyscraper housing. Also in a smaller city like Hungcheon. In German eyes skyscrapers homes are for poor people and not desirable to live in. Instead of korean, where it is advertised and very modern to live in such. Also for Germans its is destroying the sight of Nature & City Harmony so they stopped in the 80ties to build such homes for the harmony.They fade into the sky when looking up or seeing so many in a block. No individuality is seen anymore. The colored Drawing represents older people in smaller towns. The problem that young people leave the smaller cities and move to Seoul. In Hungcheon the population is quite old, only the soldiers are the youth to be seen.


Reflect- support

General this reflects about the question, if the family really is a support, if drugs are (here Alkohol) and how you deal with hopeless situations. The Photo refers to phenomena of the Energy drink Bacchus that older women sell and also sell their Bodies. So called „Bacchus – Ladies“ – senior Prostitution to be able to survive. The energy drinks refers also to the workaholics in Korea, so if they are tired, instead of sleeping take a energy drink. The typical Ricecider „1972“ bottle shall lead your thoughts to the „Koma“ drinking habits of Korean. Maybe due to not much time off work they consume Alcohol in a extreme way to hide from the everyday routine. The colored Drawing of the ideal Family shows three generation together. In former times, the kids supported the parents. Now that is sometimes not possible, so the older women might become the Bacchus Ladies, or the even commit suicide for not being a burden to the family. Korea is Nr. 1 Country for Suicide in the world. Also in this picture the typical heternormative Family Ideal is shown and open to reflect.


Reflect – polished

General this is a question if a perfect body makes you more loved, desired or successful inlive. The two pictures show very superficial living and the pressure on beauty and youth, especially for women, in this society. A very polished surface. The Photo refers to the fact that Korea is the Nr.1 in Plastic Surgery. The western shaped eyes for example are very popular. Girls sometimes get a second eyelid correction as a present for their 16th Birthday. The colored Drawing shows the extreme popularity of K-Pop and trying to be a new Star inthe streets. Obligatory is a perfect Face, Body, and young age. Girls and Boys wear a lot of makeup to archive this look and get into crisis when age makes it harder to maintain this. Also older Men are filming young sexy women dancing. A stereotype hetero normative rolewhere the woman has to be pretty and sexy for men.


Reflect – priorities

General its interesting to see where Koreans focus their priorities. In this example the clean floor and accurate shoes in the entrance are more important then the tidy installationof electric cables in the streets. The Photo refers to the way of the installation of cables in the city streets. German would never have such a chaos and not covering them due to possible vandalism, danger and problem of freezing temperatures. The colored Drawing refers to the Shoes that are mandatory to take off in a restaurant or inside the house where you sit on the floor. Also